Our mission here at PCR

We believe children learn how to look after animals by being shown, with the love, care and guidance from parents our younger generation can learn to look after and care for animals, this we feel makes most children nicer adults, with a much greater empathy and understanding for the world around them.

Most rescues here wont allow families with young children to adopt, we feel this helps to perpetuate the online sale of sickly and ill kittens by back yard breeders as families like ours seek alternate means of aquiring a cat or kitten without realising the pitfalls involved.

We at PCR encourage families to contact us to see if they could adopt from us as all our cats and kittens are raised in a family enviroment with not just children but other cats and dogs too ,meaning they are full of confidence and ready to expolre the world around them by the time they leave us, this means you get instant cat, no hiding, no being terrified, just lots of fun, laughter and craziness of having a new furry in your home.

We are a no kill rescue , we dont descriminate based on colour, sex, age or health of a cat, if we have space we will help, we are the only local rescue not to ask the colour of a cat before offering a rescue space.

We are happy to offer advice to anyone who is having problems with their cat, a happy cat means a happy owner and that reduces the risks of the cat ever needing to come into rescue which helps towards reducing our overall workload.

Teri our founder has completed many study hours to further her education, she holds diplomas in Cat Psychology, Cat care, Emergency cat care, Holistic therapies as well as completing the Veterinary assistant course along with her many years experience in Microchipping and over 35 years experience in the field of rescue means that you and the cats that come into PCR are in very good hands.