How PCR came to be.

Plymouth cat rescue was born in 2010 after becoming dissolutioned by the lack of support, care and access to rescue cats provided by the existing rescues.

We are a military family, we have always recued animals where we can, Teri our founder grew up in a animal rescue so has many years experience with animal care, from raising baby blackbirds and chipping broken seagull wings out of icey rivers to raising baby guinea pigs, mice and voles and caring for elderly cats, rabbits and tortoises.

It was important to us that our children be raised around pets as we had been and once we had settled in Plymouth we decided to get a cat, we contacted all the local rescues only to be told no, we didnt qualify for a rescue cat as we had small children, even recommendations from vets, other rescue orgonisations we had worked with and for made any difference, feeling bemused and deflated we began to search elsewhere.

We found two female cats needing to be rehomed asap on a national buy and sell site, we viewed the cats and decided to take both as neither were being looked after very well, a few weeks passed and we began to realise the reason the girls needed to be rehomed asap was becuase they were pregnant ( we were not told this prior to taking them on) and as experience with pregnant cats was limited we decided to ask those who would know, we again contacted the big rescues in the area to ask for advice, you tube and google had given us lots of information but not and hands on experience , sadly the rescues were no more helpful this time around and we were told ” relinquish them or we wont help” we had only had the cats a few weeks, they were just beginning to settle but were already part of our family, we didnt want to relinquish them, we just wanted a bit of advice.

A few weeks passed and we continued to search for help online, luckily for us there were many small rescues across the area that were more than willing to help us with what to expect when expecting kittens, the advice was free and the offers of help were very much appreciated. A few weeks later babies arrived, sadly Sapphire went into premature labour and lost all four of her babies, her sister Emerald had four perfectly healthy babies.

We kept in touch with the two small rescues who had helped us and they continued to offer help and advice as the kittens gre and it became time to rehome them. All four found loving homes and the girls were both spayed , chipped and then vaccinated.

We decided to help these small rescues out with transporting cats, neither are based in Plymouth ( one is in Redruth the other Paignton) so we collected cats in our area and dropped them to foster homes, took them to vets for scanning and neutering where needed, Teri then trained with Peddymark to become a implant technitian so we could scan and access the database for any strays we found, the numnber of cats we had at home began to grow and in no time at all we had 17 all needing feeding, the army pension wasnt stretching far enough so we decided to start asking our local community for help, nothing big just food their cats didnt like, litter they no longer needed, little things that made a huge difference to not just our lives but the lives of the cats we were saving.

We rehomed a few between 2010 and 2012 but were encouraged by a friend to brand ourselves and open a facebook page and web page – in septemeber 2012 we did and as they say the rest is history.

We rehome around 150 cats and kittens a year now and specialise in pregnant queens and underage kittens, especially those who need lots of time ( feral) or money spent on them that may otherwise be overlooked or put to sleep by other rescues.

Emerald and Sapphire